The wrong way home

Who said to the people

“when you go home 

home will be there  


Arms akimbo 

Who said  when you go home

The door will be open 

The house will be standing 

The trees will be planted on the earth 

And the earth will be planted on the ground 

Who said there will be a saffron saints waiting at the door singing your praise song

Who said the rite will still be yours to return, 

The lands will still be yours 

The people will still be yours 

Who said the people will be smiling 

Who said your sister will look you in the eyes , Smile 

And not walk through you 

Who said the people will be a people 

And they have not set their country on fire 

Looking for themselves

Who told you their king will be noble 

And when he opens his arms to embrace you 

There will not be a knife in his hand 

Or it is you he embraces 

Who told you, you will be the first to return, 

And the ones who have come before you will show you their hand 

Who told you when you come home 

Home will not be on fire 

An you will not be on fire too”

May the ground meet you as you walk. 

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