Ikenga- reasons for sacrifice

What we are about to start will prepare you in the ways our forbearers taught us to prepare the guardian of Ikenga. These rites were last performed by my grandfather on Onwudi, your grandfather, who marched bravely into Biafra, and has not yet returned. The rites were not performed on your father, Umemnaeku, as he had not passed through iwa-akwa before death met him.

Faith, Family, Feminism, and international diplomacy and political espionage.

An interview with Her Excellency Justina Eze O. Eze by Chukky Ibe She had lived in three countries, before she even left her home town. The rate of change in her community had been so rapid, new worlds emerged and old ones washed away. Sometimes through prayer, sometimes through marriage, and sometimes through political struggle …